Media Training and Interview Fundamentals

Learn the skills and strategies to best represent yourself and your organization in front of the news media. | taught by Joshua Lane Cook

Course description

Media Training and Interview Fundamentals is an online, step-by-step video course to prepare aspiring professionals, industry experts or anyone regularly called upon to speak in front of the media to succeed in that interview environment. This media interview training course includes key strategies to inform your interactions with reporters as well as interview techniques and the tactical skills that will allow you to see immediate improvement in your interviews. Media relations professional and former network news journalist Joshua Lane Cook shares the core skills and proven strategies to deliver focused, confident interviews and communicate key messages regardless of your experience level or industry.

Joshua Lane Cook
Joshua Lane Cook
Communications & Media Professional

Joshua Lane Cook is a communications and multimedia professional helping individuals and organizations succeed to today's media environment. After a decade in network newsrooms as a journalist, editor and producer, he now shares the strategic insight and tactical know-how he developed with other professionals and organizations trying to best represent themselves in front of the news media. In addition to media training, content development and advisory services, he also coordinates 700+ local, national and international news interviews each year as a working public relations professional.

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